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Entry for the RPGDX November Contest. Guide the young warrior Soscarides and his companions in their voyages through the Greek Isles.

Team Members
Ian Scrimger – Programming, Art, Design
Gaelan Coffin – Design, Art

Version 1.1 of the completed game, free for personal (i.e., non-comercial) use. Enjoy.

Download Mac Version (10.4 and later)
Download Windows Version

For posterity, here’s what the game looked like when we entered it in the contest. Most of the content is missing.

Download The Old Mac Version
Download The Old Windows Version

“Soscarides” is a mini-rpg set in Ancient Greece, created as an entry to the RPGDX “Game in a weekend (plus 3-day extension)” Contest. It is written in python and uses the pygame graphics library, and is based on an existing engine-in-progress that I had written. I did manage to add several features over the course of the contest time-frame, including combat, character advancement and inventory management, as well as a rudimentary system for NPC interaction. While I was coding my brains out, Gaelan created the game world and drew most of the art.

During the contest, I kept a development diary, which you can read here.

After the contest, we created more content and finished the game. The result is still on the same small scale as the original contest entry, but there are improvements and a complete adventure.

“Soscarides” is free to download for non-commercial use.