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News08 Dec 2008

It was minus 21 at the bus stop this morning.

At work, I got a static shock from touching a banana.

Sure sign that winter has arrived.

News05 Nov 2008

Here’s a song for your old president, and your new one.

Let’s hope he lives up to his promise.

News30 Aug 2008

Hello faithful blog reader. I have been unable to blog lately because I was viciously attacked by a lion during an Olympics parade in Ottawa.

Hopefully I will be back to my old bloggering ways soon.

News and Photos01 Jul 2008

More China in a bit, but today is Canada Day! We saw the RCMP musical ride at Parliament Hill.

This is about as Canadian as possible.

The camera actually got a better view than we did. I snapped most of these photos holding the camera at arm’s length over my head and hoping for the best. The crowds were huge.

This one was at the end of the performance when the crowds had thinned a little.

A couple of mounties actually lost their hats during the “charge” maneuver. Presumably that is frowned upon…

After the demonstration, a few of the calmer horses came to visit with the spectators. One expects an RCMP horse to be steady as anything, but we actually saw a few spook from the crowds and from the marching band that passed while they were waiting to begin their show.

Ever the optimist, I took some fireworks photos, even though such things are difficult to do well. We were right down by the river and you can see the reflections in the water.

Happy Canada Day.

News04 May 2008

I’ve got a new iMac on the way (ed. note: Hooray!) and have been wanting a desk for it. Browsing Craigslist and Kijiji didn’t turn up anything promising, and I was contemplating another hike out to Ikea, when my years of building up good karma paid off.

Look what I intercepted on the way to the landfill:

It fits pretty well along the side of our living room and is in good shape. I’m rather pleased with myself.

News and Photos03 May 2008

Every year since the Second World War the Dutch have sent Tulips to Ottawa and Ottawa has had a tulip festival. Allegedly this festival is going on right now, but the “main tulip site” that we visited today didn’t actually have many tulips.

In lieu of pictures of endless tulip fields, I present: typical Ottawa tourist sights.

Our first stop was Parliament hill, which is presently adorned by a long line of red tulips.

When we arrived, it was also adorned by a lot of red Chinese flags, since there was some kind of pro-olympics demonstration going on.

On the way over to the main tulip festival site I snapped a couple photos of the peace tower.

When we arrived at Tulip Festival central, all we found were a bunch of tents full of vendors and and very few actual tulips. We weren’t terribly impressed by this and didn’t actually take any photos. We retreated to the Byward Market and had ice cream instead.

The Americans were also having a Tulip Festival at their embassy but the tulips were surrounded by an electrified fence so no one could go to see them.

News01 Apr 2008

See you later, I’m moving to Nebraska. Canada has been good to me, but it’s time for bigger and better things.

I say “see you later” (though I really mean “see you never again”) because this is the final entry I will write on Scrimisms. I’m moving to Nebraska illegally, and now that I’ve admitted that here on the public record I need to change my identity. I’ve always liked the name Rufus. Or maybe Adelaide. Can you see me as an Adelaide? You won’t see me as an Adelaide though, for once I become he, I’ll be gone from my old life and from you. So long and thanks for all the biscuits.

I’m going to drive out to the prairies in a rented car, perhaps a large black ford SUV, and then abandon it with the keys inside in a bad neighbourhood of Winnepeg, I will walk across an undefended stretch of the American border, an illegal immigrant. We got William Gibson in much the same way, it’s time for Canada to give something back.

I shall enter America on foot, just as the founding fathers did, and then hitch-hike to my ultimate destination. Maybe I will meet a stray dog and share my lunch with him and we will become friends. I will name him Washington and we’ll travel the dusty American highways together. If I’m really lucky we will find a freight train and jump on board, two hobos.

I confess that I don’t really know where Nebraska is. I can’t find it on a blank map. It is the very unknown quality of Nebraska that draws me there. It is a blank place in my head, a void, an emptiness. The Nebraska border is, to me, an undiscovered frontier, beyond which anything is possible. Novelty lurks in the lakes and deserts of Nebraska. Nebraska is the source of all new things, and I must go to that source.

I wonder if Nebraska has a baseball team…

News19 Mar 2008

I’m now operating with a full stable, though one of the nags is made of titanium and lord knows what other artificial substances. I’ve completed my previously-mentioned journey of cybernetic enhancement: they put in my “new tooth” last night.

First thing I did was eat Chinese takeout. So far so good.

I’ve had a gap in my molars as long as I can remember, so having it filled is a little disconcerting. I really don’t know where to put my tongue anymore. As is the way with mouths, my mouth thinks the new addition is an interloping giant, though to look at it in the mirror it’s only slightly larger than the equivalent on the other side, and is nearly indistinguishable from the real thing by sight. They matched the colour really quite impressively.

I think once I’ve learned to chew again properly I’ll quite like having an unbroken line of molars at my disposal. In the interim, I’ll just allocate more time for lunch.

Games and News and Software17 Feb 2008

It’s finished.

You can go here to download “The Trials of Soscaides”, a mini role-playing game. If you tried it out before, you can now finish the adventure. With any luck, you won’t even run into any bad bugs, because I think we caught all the major ones =)

After spending a fair bit of my free time over the last couple months creating and testing the game’s adventure, and ending up with about two hours of playing time, I have a new appreciation for people who make full-length games. It’s a lot of work!

Special thanks to Jamie for finding some bugs and of course to Gaelan for going on this crazy adventure with me.

News and Photos21 Dec 2007

This Sunday past, Ottawa received a massive dumping of snow, 37 centimeters in all, two cm less than the previous record for accumulation in all of the month of December, and it was only the latest of several storms to so far this year.

There are huge snowbanks along all the streets and getting to work on the bus has been less predictable this week.

During the storm I snapped a couple photos out our living room window, and then took a few more today for comparison. Both sets were taken in the early afternoon. See if you can tell which of these I took during the blizzard.

It was snowing as hard as I’ve seen in a long time. There were times when we couldn’t even see the big brown government complex across the way.

Another update: I’m heading to Nova Scotia on Sunday.

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