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Musings27 Apr 2010

I was lying in bed, deep in the middle of the night, wishing I was asleep. I got up for a drink of water, and then climbed back into bed. I fell into a dozing half-sleep state where I knew I was still in my room and in my bed, but started having a dream at the same time. The dream was about some bizarre game of ninja assassins played in an unfamiliar house with unfamiliar people, wherein the participants snuck up on each other and shouted “bang”.

Then I woke up. Damn it, I thought, am I going to get any sleep tonight at all? I was thirsty, too. Wait a minute. Something’s not right here. How could I still be thirsty? I just had a drink of water. I thought back to that drink carefully. I distinctly recalled floating through the air to the kitchen and back. Hmm. That’s unusual.

I realized that I had, in fact, just been asleep. I had been dreaming that I was awake in bed trying to sleep. I had dreamt that drink of water. I had dreamt that I had fallen half-asleep and had another dream. Now I was actually awake, I was pretty sure. It’s difficult to tell that, sometimes, apparently.

I rolled over and wondered if I was going to fall asleep or wake up next.

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