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May 2009

Photos18 May 2009

The humble sign is not a new piece of technology, dating back to sometime just after the invention of writing in Mesopotamia, circa 3500 B.C. The sign is a clever concept: take an idea you want to communicate, write it down, and situate it prominently. When people see it, they’ll read the words and know what you wanted to tell them. Sounds good in theory, but do signs actually work?

After 5500 years of wondering, I’m glad we can finally put the question to rest.

Movies09 May 2009

Crossing the theatre parking lot on our way to see Star Trek, we passed a van with a license plate reading “REDSHIRT”. I think I know what those people were there to see.

So, what did I think? I don’t mind “re-imaginings”, I’m a big BSG fan after all, and, with a new cast portraying the original Star Trek characters, this movie leans in that direction. However, I don’t think they quite pulled it off. It didn’t really feel like Star Trek, and didn’t manage to redefine Star Trek into anything new and compelling either. It was generic space-ships-and-explosions sci-fi.

Still, it could have been a disaster, and it wasn’t. I’m sure sequels are in the works, and I’m cautiously optimistic.