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April 2009

Music14 Apr 2009

I’ve blogged about Philip Glass’s Metamorphosis before (back when I was young and naive and just learning about Glenn Gould), but it’s music that I keep coming back to. I really, really like it, but don’t fully understand why. It seems to have been calculated to stimulate my very own brain in just the right way to make me both calm and creative.

I lately found this on Youtube. Branka Parlić playing Metamorphosis One:

You can find parts two through five on le ‘tube as well (or on Parlić’s own website under “videos”).

Links04 Apr 2009

I’m a fan of the CBC program “The Age of Persuasion”, ad guru Terry O’Reilly’s weekly half-hour tour through the world of modern advertising. Originally I tuned in just to see what “The Enemy” was up to, and I’ve become hooked. I still think advertising is an evil, but O’Reilly might succeed in convincing me that it’s a necessary one.

Last week, using the atheist bus campaign as a jumping off-point, the show examined the relationship between advertising and religion. It’s a good listen, and is up as a podcast on the show’s website. Check it out.