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Movies15 Nov 2008

There’s a scene in “Quantum of Solace” where James Bond tells one of his enemies to sit down in such a commanding voice that I took a moment to make sure that I was still in my seat. Daniel Craig is a scary scary man when he wants to be. He’s really the only reason I’d willingly watch a Bond film at this point – the franchise had become pretty tired out by the final days of Pierce Brosnan. The new Bond is a bit less adolescent and a bit more kinetic: lots of close-filmed hyper-active chase scenes in the style of Jason Bourne, and a dearth of gadgets. I really don’t miss the gadgets – I mean, once James Bond got a car that could turn invisible, what else could Q possibly give him?

While I largely approve of the new “smart action movie” Bond formula, I do worry that “007” is in danger of becoming a clone of the aforementioned Jason Borne. I think Daniel Craig has more charisma than Matt Damon, and plays a much more believable espionage super hero (he’s not a man, he’s a seething hulk of barely-restrained muscle), but in this movie he didn’t stand out enough from the rest of the action hero crowd. Missing were some good Bondian one-liners, and the lack of Bond’s wit made this installment weaker than Casino Royale, but it was fun without being silly, which is good enough in my books. I’m sure Daniel Craig will get a third kick at the can, and I look forward to it.

On another note,we saw trailer for the latest Brendan Fraser cgi monstrosity, and it left me wondering: is Brendan Fraser cast in all these dumb but flashy films because the producers feel assured his blandness won’t distract from all the expensive computer effects?

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  1. 16 Nov 2008 at 1:25 pm Rob

    I’m off to see it today. I’m now 15% more excited. Cheers!

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