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May 2008

Music26 May 2008

Considering I just turned on the camera and started playing, I think it turned out pretty well.

I recorded it using the iSight on my Mac and didn’t bother to figured out how to turn off the default mirror-image mode. So no, I’m not a south-paw fond of wearing shirts with backwards lettering. Though that would be cool.

Links18 May 2008

This seems quintessentially American:

2 Colorado men exchange Taser shots over parked van

I want to know what happened afterwards. I can picture the two frazzled combatants getting up, dusting themselves off, and coming face to face with the question: “now what?”. Maybe they agreed to disagree and walked away.

News04 May 2008

I’ve got a new iMac on the way (ed. note: Hooray!) and have been wanting a desk for it. Browsing Craigslist and Kijiji didn’t turn up anything promising, and I was contemplating another hike out to Ikea, when my years of building up good karma paid off.

Look what I intercepted on the way to the landfill:

It fits pretty well along the side of our living room and is in good shape. I’m rather pleased with myself.

News and Photos03 May 2008

Every year since the Second World War the Dutch have sent Tulips to Ottawa and Ottawa has had a tulip festival. Allegedly this festival is going on right now, but the “main tulip site” that we visited today didn’t actually have many tulips.

In lieu of pictures of endless tulip fields, I present: typical Ottawa tourist sights.

Our first stop was Parliament hill, which is presently adorned by a long line of red tulips.

When we arrived, it was also adorned by a lot of red Chinese flags, since there was some kind of pro-olympics demonstration going on.

On the way over to the main tulip festival site I snapped a couple photos of the peace tower.

When we arrived at Tulip Festival central, all we found were a bunch of tents full of vendors and and very few actual tulips. We weren’t terribly impressed by this and didn’t actually take any photos. We retreated to the Byward Market and had ice cream instead.

The Americans were also having a Tulip Festival at their embassy but the tulips were surrounded by an electrified fence so no one could go to see them.