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Musings17 Apr 2008

Spring is coming, and I can tell because of the smell. It isn’t an unpleasant smell, and I can’t even really describe it, but the Ottawa odors are waking from their slumber. Every once in a while I get a whiff of something indistinct but urban, and I’m transported back six months to my first weeks here, and the strangeness of my new town wells up in me again. I feel like I’ve just left home, and have to remind myself I’ve been here for more than half a year. I’ve even survived a nearly record-breaking Ottawa winter.

The second sign of spring is that it is warm enough to read my book while I wait for the bus. I’ve been spending my daily commute with my nose tucked in pages since I started my job, but until now I couldn’t read at the transfer point between one bus and the next because my hands would be too cold. Since I easily spend 25 minutes a day cooling my heels on the side of the Transitway, this added reading time is significant.

I’ve decided that for all its frustrations and unpredictability and slowness, I like riding the bus to work. If I had a car, I’d get there faster, but I’d still spend time sitting in traffic. In driving, one has to concentrate. There’s really nothing pleasant at all about navigating through rush hour. On the bus, someone else navigates and I can read. I’m reading more for pleasure now that I work than I did while I was at school, and it’s a definite quality-of-life improvement. Since I started sitting on busses 5 days a week I’ve polished off a couple of Hemingways, some Iain Banks sci fi, a biography of Glenn Gould and several things in between. I even read Harry Potter on the bus, though that was a little fraught. I found myself hiding the cover as best I could. I didn’t want the Potter haters to think I was Hogwarts-loving-nancy-boy, and I didn’t want the Potter fans to look down their noses because I was only on book six. I guess you can’t read just anything on the bus…

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  1. 29 Apr 2008 at 12:37 pm luke

    just find a different book that is about as thick and swap dust jackets…

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