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News18 Sep 2007

Hello, neglected reader of this intertube bloggopage. I have exciting news. Since we last sat down for a chat, I’ve defended and submitted my thesis, and moved to our (well, not “our” if you don’t live here too…) nation’s fine capital city.

My better half has come here to go to school (a PhD in electrical engineering: she’s a smart cookie, that one), and I’ve tagged along in the hopes of landing a gig at one of the fabled Kanata-area high-tech firms.

So far so good. Shortly after I arrived, my aforementioned superior fraction flew to Australia (she’s back next week), so I’m now putzing about this city solo. Well, not totally solo: yesterday Gaelan (who lives here too) and I were eating Vietnamese noodle soup downtown when who should call my cell but Mr. Andrew, lost these past years in the chilly north, and presumed eaten by a polar bear. Apparently he’d escaped any wildlife encounters unscathed and had decided, along with his finer component (running out of synonyms for “better half”, I guess maybe I should just say “girlfriend”) to vacation “down south” for a while. We four explored the market and got caught up with each other. The highlight was the used book store run by the older gentleman who was also Of The North, giving everyone but me lots to talk about. I bought a copy of the Odyssey and a book about game theory.

It was quite nice to see the lot of them.

So, I live in Ottawa now. Here I am, in our apartment near the Trans-Canada highway, sitting on the floor, awaiting the arrival of some furniture. Speaking of arrivals, doubtless more dispatches detailing my adventures (I didn’t mean to alliterate, it just happened) will wend their way (there I go again) to this location. Toodles until then.

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