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Movies and News30 Jan 2007

Last Monday I saw “Volver“, a tale of murder and restaurant management set in Spain. Oh, and the main character, played by Penelope Cruz, is visited by the ghost of her dead mother, who pretends to be an illegal immigrant and frequently hides under the bed.

I’ve made it sound a bit silly but it actually isn’t. The director (Pedro Almodóvar, for anyone who knows Spanish cinema) did a great job of making it feel very natural, despite the supernatural stuff going on.

It’s really good. Definitely the best movie I’ve seen in a while. Shengrong decided to tag along at the last minute and really liked it as well, and our tastes are partially divergent, so it’d probably appeal to a lot of people.

My only minor complaint was that the subtitles went by quickly. I guess the Spanish talk too fast.

The film also lead me to some new music. At one point in the film, Penelope Cruz “sings” a song called “Volver” (which means, “To Return”), and the voice you hear is that of Estella Morente, who, I gather from the interweb, is an up-and-coming flamenco star. I bought an album of her’s from iTunes and am enjoying it a lot.

Speaking of returning, “Volver” might be the last movie for me for a while. I ordinarily attend the Monday night screenings put on by the local film co-op, but my TA duties this term put me in the computer lab on Monday and Wednesday nights. I’m helping to teach Matlab programming to a bunch of first-year engineering students. I’ve never done Matlab before. Amusingly, I found out I was supposed to be in the lab a couple hours before the one on last Wednesday night, so I had to “learn by doing”. But, programming is programming, and fortunately the other TAs have used Matlab before so if I get stumped by a question I can ask them. Fun times.

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