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Links and Musings25 Jan 2007

I got in an argument with Kouvon over the plot of “24″. I was arguing that the fastest (if messiest) way to disarm a nuclear bomb is to strap conventional explosives on the side, set the timer, and run like hell. Nuclear bombs are kind of fragile. If you smash the plutonium into small bits this effectively prevents it from reaching “critical mass” (since what you are left with are a bunch of small masses).

Anyway, my method has the downside of scattering plutonium all over the place, but the upside of saving L.A. I think Jack Bauer probably chose something cleaner and more heroic.

During the course of my googling for evidence to support this thesis, I stumbled on this radio play: The Sixth Annual Bomb Disarming Contest. It’s the ultimate in “extreme sports”.

(P.S., I have a couple other blog entries mostly written and mouldering away on my hard drive. I promise, you, my dear and lonely reader, that I’ll post ‘em eventually. I’ve been rather busy of late.)

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