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September 2006

Games and Links20 Sep 2006

I’d heard from “the media” that Kimveer Gill, the man did the shooting at Dawson College, had “played a computer game based on the shootings at columbine”. Here’s an interesting interview with the creator of said game.

News17 Sep 2006

It’s Harvest Jazz and Blues time again. I’m not catching nearly as many shows as I have other years, but I’m still managing to get to one or two things.

Today I heard a guitar workshop by “Slick” Ballinger, who is a young, fresh-faced southerner from North Carolina who said “y’all” a lot and made sure to “Thank Jesus for any talents I have, so as not to wake up one day and discover that I can’t play no more”. I was instantly mesmerized. There really is something to that notion of “southern charm”.

Oh, did I mention he can sing? Good grief. He said he learned to “sing in church”, and he sounds like one of those revival-leadin’ singing preachers should. It was incredible. He was heading to Sackville after his workshop to play at the Tantramarsh Blues Society tonight. Look out bagtown, you’re in for a good show.

Later on Shengrong and I caught a three act acoustic concert. The highlight was definitely hearing Matt Anderson, an up-and-coming local boy, conclude his set with “Wagon Wheel”, with Susie Vinnick and the audience providing backing vocals.

News13 Sep 2006

There’s a provincial election campaign currently ongoing here in New Brunswick, and Jack Layton is in town campaigning for the provincial NDP. On the way to campus today I spied a poster reading “You know the mustache, now meet the man. Jack Layton at the GSA house at 8pm tonight”. How could I pass that up?

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News and Photos11 Sep 2006

As Shengrong and I drew near the site of Fredericton’s Dragon Boat Festival yesterday afternoon, our ears were greeted by the sound of music. Shengrong said “I think that’s Chinese music”. I listened a moment and then said “I don’t quite think so”.

It turned out to be bagpipes.

I should mention that I’m pretty sure the bagpipes weren’t actually part of the dragon boat festival. The piper was leading an unrelated group of walkers on a Parkinson’s fund-raiser, whose route apparently went right through the middle of the assembled boat-rowing teams.

The fiddle music was part of the festival, though.

Dragon Boats!

We watched a few of the racing heats. I was cheering for someone to fall in the water but the crews seemed far too practiced for that.

We also watched some of the demonstrations on dry land, including the aforementioned fiddle-players. The highlight was definitely the lion dance. Shengrong took some pictures.

The lion jumped down into the crowd and ate some lettuce.

Also, some older photos from Shengrong’s camera:

Who is that goof there with Shengrong?

Pony ride!