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July 2006

News30 Jul 2006

Apparently I’ve stopped blogging. I haven’t posted anything here in quite a while. Partly I blame the heat: it’s just been too hot lately to think of odd ideas to talk about. And as for news of my life, well, in order to be blog-worthy, such happenings have to be 1) not completely dull and boring, and 2) something I’m willing to talk about in public on the Internet. Lately nothing has been meeting both criteria.

Until last night, that is.

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Musings10 Jul 2006

I watched the Major League Baseball Home Run Derby tonight. The derby operates on the premiss that “fans like to see home runs” and therefore “more home runs are better”.

Eight sluggers from the various teams take turns swinging at batting-practice pitches and try to hit as many home runs as they can. After hitting 10 that fail to go out, it’s on to the next guy. Each round the field is halved and eventually 2 players go head-to-head for the final.

This year had the added bonus of being at a ballpark where a well-hit ball down the right field line gets out of the stadium and lands in a river. Tonight there were a bunch of people in kayaks paddling around trying to catch the balls.

There were 87 home runs hit tonight. That’s more than any one player has ever hit in an entire season. The winner, Ryan Howard of the Phillies, hit 23. The Bluejay’s Troy Glaus managed to hit… one. Which is actually one more than he hit last time.

The only problem is that the derby drags on for too long (three hours!) and starts to get a bit repetitive “oh look *another* ball nearly sinking a kayak”. Yes, home runs are exciting, and yes, we like to see them, but the reason they are exciting is that they are a rare.

News04 Jul 2006

I’ve been spending too much time browsing around on YouTube lately. I thought I’d share some of my favorite finds.

#1 Skip James sings Crow Jane
I was mesmerized the first time I saw this.

#2 Ronaldinho
Obligatory world cup video. I’m not a football fan, but this guy is incredible. I don’t think he’s human.

#3 What are those mushrooms?
Blackadder recons the german position.

#4 Driving with Harry Manx
This one is just kind of relaxing. I’m sure *actually* driving around at dusk with Harry on the stereo would be better, but I don’t have a car, so I’ll take it.

#5 Ask a Ninja
This is a particularly good episode.

#6 Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah, Live
Not the greatest quality but good none the less.

#7 Shuttle Launch
Discovery launch as seen from a camera on the external fuel tank.

#8 Miguel Batista “Tribute” Video
Don’t bother if you’re not a baseball fan. It’s a sarcastic tribute to the Bluejay’s erstwhile closer. Now join me in a moment of thanks for BJ Ryan.

#9 Developers Developers Developers
Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer loses his brain at some conference or another. This one is a classic.

#10 Brookers
This one just got included for completeness: Brookers is a YouTube phenomenon. As a result of her goofy videos she got a TV deal. Weird.